Coweta County schools will remain closed Monday due to storm damage

The tornado that ripped through Coweta County Thursday night, damaging schools will cause schools to be closed at least through Monday.

According to Coweta County School System Superintendent Evan Horton, the school system will follow Emergency Management guidance not to open schools March 29. The school system is also canceling virtual instruction for the day.

Power is down across parts of the community and many roads are still impassable. While some school areas have not been affected by the storm, personnel and transportation required for safe daily operations have been adversely affected.

“We will continue to consult with our local government, law enforcement and emergency management partners to assess our ability to safely open later in the week and will provide you with an update on our status after progress has been made to restore power and open roads,” Horton said. “I appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this very difficult time.”

On Saturday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp visited Coweta County to see first-hand the damage done by the storm.

School system facilities damaged by the storm include Newnan High School, Atkinson Elementary School and the system’s transportation facility.

Newnan High School, Atkinson Elementary School, and our Transportation Facility all sustained extensive damage

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More About Coweta County: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Coweta County has a population of 148,509 people, and consists of about 56,000 households. The average home value in the county is about $211,000. In terms of education, 89.2% of residents graduated high school and 30.3% of residents have a Bachelor’s degree. The median household income is $75,913.

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