Tom the turkey strikes again

Tom the turkey had another run-in with Kennesaw law-enforcement yesterday.

This time the feathered tormenter of the police department was spotted on top of an SUV. Below is the report from Kennesaw Police officers as shared on social media.

Today we received a call in reference to someone attempting to enter an auto, to either steal it or rummage through it for any valuables.

As officers responded, they setup a perimeter, in case the suspect took off running when they noticed officers arriving. As more officers responded, they entered the perimeter to locate the suspect, as they approached the vehicle; they found what appeared to be someone of a short stature, wearing dark clothing, laying on the rooftop, possibly trying to gain entry through a sunroof.

Once the officers secured the area around the vehicle, they announced their presence and the suspect popped up in amazement — it was Tom the turkey!

Tom was questioned on scene and through all his gobbling, we suspect Tom was attempting to steal the vehicle so he could rematch the most powerful Ford Explorer Interceptor; there was no evidence to support the suspicion and after further investigation, Tom was released with only a stern warning for trespassing.

Before we released Tom, we asked him about his aliases, he stopped gobbling, looked down at the ground and walked away very quickly and would not gobble anything else as he passed the other officers.

Tom the turkey strikes again

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