Alpharetta mom pens book about raising confident kids

When raising children, especially pre-teens and teenagers, parents can face tension when big topics are brought up and it can be challenging for them to navigate these tough conversations.

Author Kim Moog, a parent herself, has recently published “Food for Thought: Raising Confident Kids One Conversation at a Time,” which is a guidebook filled with insightful questions for the dinner table to evoke critical thinking skills. These questions are posed to help develop independence within school-aged children by giving them a safe space to have their own judgment for various situations. 

Struggling as a parent herself, Moog was inspired to start having regular family discussions with her children after playing an open-ended question game, Scruples, with her friends. Moog soon implemented regular discussion questions with her family at the dinner table and found that her children enjoyed these questions and even started to ask their own.

Moog, with her own family, has proven how effective this communication tactic can be and hopes to help other parents raise children with good character and strong morals.

“Food for Thought” also contains discussion questions centered around faith, to help instill Christian values within children and encourage them to think about life with God in mind. This book can help parents raise children with integrity, courage and a Christ-centered mindset.

“In such uncertain cultural climates, my book can help parents, who desperately wish to raise children with strong character, discuss important issues impacting our world,” said Moog. “I hope to help them raise confident, faith-centered children.”

With the discussion questions presented in “Food for Thought,” parents are given the opportunity to both listen to their children’s perspectives and provide their own wisdom in a respectful manner, creating not only a dialogue between family members but also an optimal platform for parents to impart important family values. 

About The Book:

“Food for Thought: Raising Confident Kids One Conversation at a Time”
By Kim Moog
ISBN: 978-1-9736-9646-9 (softcover); 978-1-9736-9647-6 (e-book)
Available at the WestBow Press Online BookstoreAmazon and Barnes & Noble

About The Author:

Kim Moog is an expert author, speaker and mentor. In addition to her recent book, “Food for Thought,” Moog has authored two other books: “The Debt-Free Diet: A 12-Week Guide to Financial Fitness” and “When the Storms Come Early: The Mysterious and Suspense-Filled Story of a Child Caught in the Case of a Murder.”

Moog is a graduate of Bible Training for Church Leaders and volunteers, alongside her husband, in several ministries in Metro Atlanta. She works with high-school ministry and married-groups ministry. Moog is a wife who has been married for 31 years, a mother to three daughters and a grandmother to two grandchildren.

She currently resides in Alpharetta, Georgia. To connect with the author about her book, “Food for Thought,” please visit: