Kemp introduces ‘Faith Protection Act’

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp wants to make sure that future governors don’t limit the rights of religious groups and congregations to practice during a state of emergency.

Kemp has dubbed the bill the “Faith Protection Act,” which would ensure the emergency powers of any governor of Georgia are not used to “specifically limit the practice of any religion.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, people of all faiths across America were told by state governments how, where, when, or even if they could worship at all,” Kemp said. “Not in Georgia. We chose to work alongside congregations across our state to ensure they practiced their faith safely and in accordance with public health guidance.”

According to Kemp, The Faith Protection Act is designed to ensure the emergency powers of any governor of Georgia in the years to come are not used to limit the right to worship.

“In Georgia, we never shuttered churches, synagogues, or other places of worship because we value faith, family, and freedom. With the Faith Protection Act signed into law, Georgia will be a sanctuary state for people of faith,” Kemp said.

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