Coronavirus Update: Cases are declining, but deaths are high in Georgia

The Gist: Georgia’s average number of new coronavirus cases per day continues to go down and has almost reached the levels the state saw at its peak during the summer.

The current average number of new cases per day is 3,740. In July, during the virus’ summer spike, the daily average was 3,728.

Despite the rapidly declining number of new cases, deaths from the virus remain high and appear to be plateauing. The average number of deaths per day in Georgia is 111. During the summer, the highest average was about 73 deaths per day.

Experts are predicting another spike in cases as a result of Valentine’s Day gatherings at restaurants.

The Numbers: Below are the coronavirus stats as provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health on Thursday, Feb. 6.

Confirmed Cases Today:4,011
Positive Rapid Result Cases Today:2,055
Confirmed Deaths Today:141
Hospitalizations Today:294
Total Confirmed Cases:763,077
Total Positive Rapid Results:164,993
Total Confirmed Deaths:13,048
Total Probable Coronavirus Deaths:1,708
Total Hospitalizations:51,247
Total ICU Admissions:8,511
Average Number of New Cases Per Day3,740
Hospital Bed Capacity83.5%
ICU Bed Capacity84.9%
Emergency Room Capacity57.1%
Adult Ventilator Capacity40.2%

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