Jail officials say Georgia inmate threw urine on officer

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Photo by Gelpi on Deposit Photos

A Bartow County man is in hot water after Floyd County Jail officials say he threw urine on an officer at the jail Wednesday.

The man was being housed at the Floyd County Jail after being arrested on an aggravated stalking charge last January.

According to Floyd County Jail records, 24-year-old Jesse Tyra Glaze now faces felony charges for an unlawful act of violence in a penal institution, aggravated assault on an officer and obstruction of an officer.

Glaze also has charges in Bartow County from February of 2020 if simple battery against a police officer, obstruction of law enforcement officers, and terroristic threats and acts, according to Bartow County booking information.

Prior offenses include charges for misdemeanor stalking and criminal trespass from June of 2019.