Georgia police chief hospitalized with coronavirus

WALTHOURVILLE — A Georgia police chief is in the hospital with coronavirus. Walthourville Police Chief Jerry Blash was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and COVID-19, according to his former employer, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office.

Blash served as a captain in Burke County prior to leaving to be Police Chief in Walthourville.

In a post on its Facebook page, the Burke County Sheriff’s Department did not mince words about taking the virus seriously.

“Stop all of the conspiracy theories. Wear a mask as an act of respect towards others. Unfortunately, many people don’t take things such as this seriously enough until it personally affects them. Wash your hands often, stay home if you are sick, wear a mask in public, sanitize surfaces as needed, and check out the CDC website in order to make an educated and informed decision regarding getting the vaccine,” the department posted.

The Walthourville Police Department office has been closed since Jan. 5 due to COVID-19 exposure.