Will it snow in Georgia on Christmas Eve?

Snow on Christmas in the holy grail of Georgia residents. In the Peach State, snow is usually relegated to the beginning of the year and rarely occurs late enough that there would still be snow on the ground Christmas Day.

Weather forecasts last week showed a slight possibility of snow in Georgia on Christmas Day, raising hopes for all who were dreaming of a white Christmas. However, the forecast has changed this week and now the chance of snow has moved to Thursday — Christmas Eve.

Will you wake to snow on the ground Christmas Day, though? Chances are slim, say meteorologists.

The weather system that could produce snow will start impacting us in the late hours tonight and early morning hours tomorrow. Expect storms with lightning and wind gusts.

For much of Thursday, north and central Georgia will see wet weather and possible thunder storms which could switch over to snow Thursday afternoon and evening. Seeing snow fall on Christmas Eve will be a treat, but unless you live in the mountains, don’t expect much accumulation to stick around Christmas Day.

Light accumulation is expected, but no more than an inch. If you live in the Georgia Mountains you may get an inch or more.

The Georgia Sun will have updates on the expected snow as conditions change.