Here’s what Georgia’s top three republicans are saying about the election

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Georgia’s top three republican elected officials released a joint statement today expressing their confidence in Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s role in ensuring a fair and transparent election in Georgia.

The statement came Friday afternoon from Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Lieutenant Gov. Geoff Duncan and Speaker of the House David Ralston.

“Free and fair elections are the foundation of our American government. Any allegations of intentional fraud or violations of election law must be taken seriously and investigated. We trust that our Secretary of State will ensure that the law is followed as written and that Georgia’s election result includes all legally-cast ballots — and only legally-cast ballots. We will continue to follow this situation to ensure a fair and transparent process.”

The comments come after President Donald Trump called Georgia’s election process into question and claimed “The election apparatus in Georgia is run by Democrats.”

Raffensperger, who has secretary of state oversees Georgia’s elections is a republican, as are Kemp, Duncan and Ralston.

As of Friday afternoon, Joe Biden held a thin lead of 1,550 votes over Donald Trump in the presidential race in Georgia. A victory for Biden in Georgia would block Trump from being able to get 270 electoral votes.

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