Now you can track your absentee ballot in Georgia

Georgia voters who are concerned about the status of their absentee ballot now have a way to track their ballot between now and when it is counted.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is launching a system that voters can use to track absentee ballots and get updates on the status of the ballots. Once voters sign up on the new BallotTrax system, they’ll get either email or text message alerts on the status of their ballots.

“Unprecedented times require innovation and adaptation,” said Raffensperger. “Creating this new absentee ballot tracking and notification system will provide Georgia voters with greater clarity and increased confidence that their votes are accepted. Like the absentee ballot request portal that over 200,000 Georgians have already used, the platform is designed to be quick, easy, and convenient.”

BallotTrax will send emails or text messages to voters who sign up notifying the voter about the status of their absentee ballots. Notification will be sent when the absentee ballot application is accepted, when the absentee ballot is sent, and if and when the absentee ballot is accepted or rejected. Voters whose absentee ballots are rejected will be provided with the contact information to fix the issue so they can be assured their vote will be counted.

The site can be accessed HERE

Voters who sign up for notifications after they have already begun the absentee ballot request and return process will receive a notification informing them of the most recent step they have completed in the process. If they have request a ballot but it has not been accepted by elections officials, they will receive a notification that their ballot has been sent. If the absentee ballot has already been accepted by elections officials, newly registered voters will receive a notification that the ballot has been accepted upon signing up.

Notifications about an individual voter’s ballot status may be delayed by a day. Standard text message rates apply for those opting to receive text message updates.