The Public Record: Newt Gingrich was ‘disgusted and insulted’ by Nancy Pelosi ripping Trump’s speech

February 6, 2020
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The Public Record: Newt Gingrich was 'disgusted and insulted' by Nancy Pelosi ripping Trump's speech

The tear heard ’round the world: At the end of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped the printed copy of the speech. The move rallied liberals and enraged conservatives. The incident also placed Pelosi in the spotlight the next day and not Trump.

The Aftermath: While pundits and politicians were quick to speak their mind about the shredded speech, one pundit with deep ties to Georgia who added his voice to the fray was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Gingrich, as you may recall, represented Georgia’s 6th Congressional District when he sat in Pelosi’s chair.

The quote: Gingrich responded in the form of a tweet and said he was both “disgusted and insulted” by Pelosi’s actions. The full tweet is below:

Why it matters: So why should it matter what Gingrich, who is firmly partisan and in favor of all things Trump, has to say about Pelosi’a actions? Gingrich is one of a handful of people who have occupied the Speaker of The House’s chair and one of a smaller handful of people who have done so while the president was of the opposing political party. Whether you agree with his sentiment or not, Gingrich offers a perspective from experience in a similar situation.

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