Scam Alert: Tax collections are conducted by mail not by phone

WALKER COUNTY — If you get a phone call from someone saying you owe taxes and asking you to give your bank account information to take care of the delinque, you’re being scammed.

The Walker County Tax Commissioner’s Office has learned of a potential phone scam targeting property owners recently.

How The Scam Works: Someone posing as an employee of the Tax Commissioner’s Office calls you stating you owe back taxes that must be paid immediately. They drop the names of Tax Commissioner Carolyn Walker or Chief Deputy Tax Commissioner Karen Walker to make them sound official. The caller then asks for your personal banking information to gain access to your money.

Why It Shouldn’t Work: The Walker County Tax Commissioner’s Office does not call property owners and demand immediate payment for delinquent taxes over the phone. Notice of delinquent taxes is sent through the mail.

What can you do?: If you receive a call from someone asking for payment, hang up and warn your friends and family. Then report the call to the Federal Trade Commission at

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