5 Strangest things that happened in Georgia in 2019

For those who live here, the Peach State is known for its characters, Southern charm, and quirks. It is also known for its fair share of strange news stories. Below is a roundup of some of this year’s oddest headlines.

Proving a point
The heartbeat bill was a serious issue that drew passionate debate on both sides. Two democratic lawmakers filed protest bills to make a point about how women’s health issues are handled by legislators. The protest was serious and the issue was serious, but the bills themsleves are almost Onion-worthy.

The protest bill that garnered the most attention was filed by Rep. Park Cannon. House Bill 604 reads simply: “Any male 55 years of age or older shall immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency when such male releases sperm from his testicles.”

As can be imagined, the bill drew the ire of those opposed to it. The second was a “Testicular Bill of Rights” package announced by Rep. Dar’Shun Kendrick.

The “Testicular Bill of Rights” legislative package would include the following:

  • Require men to obtain permission from their sex partner before they are able to obtain a prescription for Viagra or any erectile dysfunction medication.
  • Ban vasectomy procedures in Georgia.
  • Make it an “aggravated assault” crime for men to have sex without a condom.
  • Require DNA testing when a woman is six weeks and one day pregnant to determine the father of the child, who shall immediately begin paying child support.
  • Create a 24 hour waiting period for men to purchase porn or sex toys in Georgia.

In plain sight
According to police reports, in January, a man in Gwinnett County allegedly drove a stolen vehicle to the police station to bail out his girlfriend who was arrested for driving another stolen vehicle. The story is pretty long and involved and there was a lot of quick detective work to apprehend both suspects. You can read all about it here.

Check the back before you steal an ambulance
In March, an ambulance was stolen from Macon’s Navicent Health Medical Center with an employee still inside.

The employee was restocking the ambulance at the health center. Police say a black female jumped in the driver’s seat and drove off the lot with the employee still in the back of the ambulance.  

The suspect drove to the area of Braswell Lane and Patterson Street where she jumped out of the vehicle and the employee also got out.

Applying for the Senate
When Gov. Brian Kemp announced an open application process to replace retiring U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, he did it in the name of transparency.

Whether you believe it to be an act of transparency and open government or a political stunt, the idea was both noble and “out there,” as were some of the applicants.

There were quite a few longshots in the mix. A maintenance worker from Waynesville applied, along with the assistant manager of a Starbucks in Marietta, both of whom may have had a stronger chance than the campaign worker for Beto O’Rourke who also applied.

Richard Petty wasn’t this bold
Just last month, a daring individual attempted to drag race an Alpharetta Police car.

According to the police report, when asked by the police officer why he was driving so fast, the man said he saw the officer approaching quickly and thought it was someone trying to challenge him.

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