City of South Fulton cracks down on false alarms

November 13, 2019
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City of South Fulton cracks down on false alarms

SOUTH FULTON — The city of South Fulton just passed a new law that will penalize security alarm owners if their security systems repeatedly summon police for false alarms.

The law will hold alarm owners responsible for the proper operation of alarm systems, according to Deputy Police Chief Connie Rogers who said the average response time for police in the city is between 16 and 17 minutes.

“This law will improve public safety and better allocate resources,” Rogers said. “We’ve hired approximately 70 police officers since September 2017. With the passing of the false alarm ordinance, those officers can spend more time responding to true emergencies.”

Under the ordinance, first and second false alarm offenses will not be finable. After the second false alarm, fines will range from $100 for the third, $150 for the fourth and $500 for more than seven false alarms. Police will have the option of not responding to calls at locations with 10 or more false alarms per year.

The law takes effect January 1, 2020.

According to the City of South Fulton Police Dept. there have been 383 burglaries reported so far in 2019.

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