Brian Kemp’s newest campaign ad appeals to ‘politically incorrect’ conservatives

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Last Month, Brian Kemp released a controversial campaign ad that showed him quizzing and later pointing a gun at a boy who wanted to date one of his daughters.

This week the candidate for Georgia governor has gone all out to appeal to his conservative base in a new ad titled “So Conservative.”

The add hits all of the high notes to rally Kemp’s base and to position him as the pro-Trump candidate for governor.

In scene 1, Kemp is positioned in front of an explosion, where he points out that he blows up government spending.

Scene 2 shows the candidate with his gun collection. He reminds viewers that he owns guns “that no one’s taking away.”

The last scene is the one that is most likely to get voters talking and garner national attention. Kemp is shown inside a large pickup truck, where he tells viewers, “I got a big truck just in case I need to round up criminal illegals and take them home myself.”

Like his previous campaign ad, this one is likely to illicit a strong response from both sides of the political spectrum, but it may set Kemp apart among pro-Trump conservatives who may still be trying to discern which gubernatorial candidate most resembles the president.

This tough talk from Kemp may be more than political posturing. It is consistent with his views as Georgia’s secretary of state. While several secretaries of state refused to comply with the president’s commission on election integrity, Kemp agreed to hand over voter information to the commission.

In addition, as secretary of state, Kemp asked the Trump administration to investigate a hacking attempt into the computer system in his office that he said was initiated by the Department of Homeland Security. The department denied any involvement in the hacking attempt.

Here is the video of Kemp’s campaign ad for you to watch for yourself:

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