Norcross completes Mosaic Mural on Mitchell Road

In what began as a spark of creativity for local artist and Norcross Elementary teacher Bobbie Adamczyk, the Mitchell Mosaic quickly became a movement that goes far beyond art and cultural awareness, embracing ideas of community and togetherness. The mural was completed this month.

“Although the lessons in art are important, the mural represents a great deal more for the Norcross community. This project has enabled a segment of the community to feel grounded, brought parents into the classroom and provided a connection point for students and the community.”

Norcross Elementary School Teacher Bobbie Adamczyk

Over 125 mosaic disks are now installed on 5 panels stretching 130 feet long. More than 1000 Norcross area students, art educators, teachers, parents and grandparents contributed to the project, as well as volunteers from both Discovery Garden Park and the Norcross Garden Club. Workshops were held at the Greene Family Center, Norcross Community Center, and the High Museum of Art. Each piece is a celebration of nature, with depictions of seasonal colors, wildlife and plants.

Fundraising efforts for the project came from several local sources including Norcross Elementary, which raised over $4,000, Splash Festivals awarded a $2,000 grant, Gardens for Growing Community provided a kick-starter donation in the amount of $1,000, Gateway85 CID contributed $500, Lionheart Theatre hosted an Art Show with 100 percent of proceeds going to the effort, and the project’s Go-Fund-Me campaign raised a total of $5,707.

Precision 2000 Inc., a large Hispanic and female-owned construction company out of Atlanta, donated man power, materials and equipment to sandblast the old anti-graffiti paint off the wall that now houses the project. That donation was estimated at a $10,000 value.

“This project which began in 2014 and is the first of its kind in Gwinnett was indeed a community effort with more than 1000 students, teachers and volunteers taking part in its creation. Art is an economic generator, and with this project comes great energy and civic pride. The City is proud to be a sponsor of such creative unity.”

Norcross Mayor Craig Newton

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