What is ‘The Landscape of Dunwoody?’

March 20, 2024
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What is 'The Landscape of Dunwoody?'

In a vibrant addition to its public art collection, the city of Dunwoody has unveiled “The Landscape of Dunwoody,” a new mosaic artwork created by artists Julie Mazzoni and Jennifer Freeman. This distinctive piece is now a part of the cityscape, situated on Womack Road at the intersection with Chamblee Dunwoody Road, and installed on a retaining wall developed during last year’s intersection improvement project.

Spanning 36 feet in length and varying between 3.5 to 5 feet in height, the mosaic features an intricate blend of stained glass, fused glass, and porcelain tile, artfully depicting the city’s natural landscape through a series of trees, hills, fields, and sky motifs.

Mayor Lynn Deutsch lauded the artwork for its ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a key city gateway, reflecting Dunwoody’s dedication to cultivating its public art presence.

The project originated from a collaborative effort between the Dunwoody Art Commission and the Dunwoody Public Works Department, aiming to integrate art into urban improvements. Following the city council’s endorsement, artists Mazzoni and Freeman embarked on the mosaic’s creation in August 2023, utilizing their home studios to piece together this vibrant tableau from 12 separate panels.

Their process, marked by a harmonious division of labor and shared creative vision, was documented in weekly progress videos shared on YouTube, capturing the community’s interest. Howard Wertheimer, chair of the Dunwoody Art Commission, expressed enthusiasm for this latest addition, emphasizing the commission’s ongoing commitment to fostering public art that enriches the community’s visual landscape and cultural identity.

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