City of Mulberry Proposal Awaits Brian Kemp’s Signature

February 8, 2024
1 min read

🏡 The Gist: The Georgia House of Representatives has passed Senate Bill 333, proposing the creation of the City of Mulberry in northeastern Gwinnett County, pending Governor Brian Kemp’s approval.

📜 The Details: Spearheaded by House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration (R-Auburn) and State Senator Clint Dixon (R-Gwinnett), the bill aims to offer residents local control over planning, zoning, and services like code enforcement and stormwater management without imposing city property taxes. A feasibility study supports the city’s viability on this financial model.

🗳 By The Numbers:

  • The bill passed with a 101-63 vote in the House.
  • Estimated annual revenue for Mulberry is $9.4 million against expenses of nearly $8 million, making it financially viable without city property taxes.

🌍 The Big Picture: Gwinnett County, a rapidly growing area, faces challenges like congestion and development pressures. Mulberry’s creation reflects a broader trend towards local governance and control in response to such issues.

📈 What’s Next?: With the bill now headed to Governor Kemp for signing, the next steps include a voter referendum in the proposed city in May. If successful, Mulberry could be operational by January of the following year.

🔍 Go Deeper: For more details on the City of Mulberry and its proposed services, visit the official website at City of Mulberry and stay tuned to local news sources for updates on the governor’s decision and the upcoming ballot.

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