No, You Didn’t Imagine It: Self-Storage Is Booming in Georgia

February 13, 2024
1 min read

📦 The Gist: In a revelation that shocks exactly no one, Georgia’s self-storage sector is on fire, ballooning by 57% in 2023 because bigger houses and basements are becoming harder to afford.

🏠 The Details: As Georgia rides the wave of an economic upswing, with consumer wallets opening 16% wider than last year, residents seem to be playing a real-life game of Tetris with their belongings. The answer? Cramming them into the state’s burgeoning self-storage units.

Thanks to the double whammy of shrinking living spaces and the undying love for working in pajamas, an additional 2.7 million square feet of self-storage popped up in Georgia, proving we’re all just a few steps away from starring in our own episode of “Hoarders: Storage Unit Edition.”

📈 By The Numbers:

  • A whopping 20% of Americans now have a personal mini-warehouse, with another 14% itching to join the club.
  • Millennials, many of whom still haven’t made it to the homeowner’s club, have overtaken Gen X in the storage game, now accounting for a quarter of the storage-renting population.
  • The top excuse for renting a storage unit? “My place is too small,” say 42%.
  • In a rare twist, Georgia’s storage unit prices are actually going down, with Tucker, Suwanee, and Norcross leading the “least likely to break your bank” list.

🌐 The Big Picture: This storage space extravaganza is less about Georgia’s peculiarity and more a sign of the times—tiny homes, massive consumerism, and the eternal quest for more space. It’s a nationwide affair where clutter is king, and the storage unit is its castle.

🔗 Go Deeper: For those who want to know more about this topic, head over to Self Storage Demand and Trends for the full scoop.

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