Cute Video of Bunny Enjoying His Hay Snack Is Such a Gift

March 26, 2023
1 min read

Walter couldn’t possibly be any cuter.

Everyone knows how exciting and enjoyable it is to finally be able to eat your favorite snack after waiting in anticipation for it. Once you have that yummy food in your paws, you just can’t wait to eat it up! One little animal had an experience like this recently that his mom is sharing with their followers in a heart melting post.

TikTok user @itswalterhops recently shared a video of their English Angora rabbit, Walter, having a snack. In the clip, this little bunny is devouring a box full of hay, and he just can’t swallow it fast enough! Check out the footage of this cute and funny moment to see how seriously Walter takes snack time.

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Awww, Walter is loving this hay! It’s so precious to see an animal eating one of their favorite snacks, and this is no exception. The way he is nibbling on the straw is just too good!

People are overjoyed to see this wonderful video. One viewer, @hamishrabbit, said, “Fantastic to see them eating hay! It’s so important,” and another person, @susanjohnson118, commented, “He is so adorable. I want to hug him!” Walter’s mom says he welcomes any form of affection!

Others are making jokes about how fast Walter is eating this hay, such as TikTok user @flypastthesun, who commented, “Walter! Make sure that hay doesn’t run away before you devour it all!” Walter just wants to make sure he gets his fill before the hay has a chance to mysteriously disappear.

We’re happy to see Walter enjoying his box of hay so thoroughly. Such a handsome rabbit needs as much nourishment as he can get to stay healthy!

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