The Week In Pictures: North Georgia gets snow, Clarence Thomas comes to town

February 14, 2020
1 min read

The story of this week in Georgia can be told through several photos, most of which contain snow. Saturday and Sunday saw the rare occurrence of snow in the Peach State and Georgians are always quick to get their cameras out before it melts away again.

Other photos include notable people in Georgia and news events. Enjoy!

#1-16: Snow photos from all over the state — at least, the parts where it snowed. (Sorry, South Georgia.)

#17: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was in town to dedicate the state’s new court building.

#18-19: A Georgia man’s property flooded, but not because of recent rain. A clogged pipe was discovered nearby. GDOT and county officials worked tirelessly to stop the flooding and return the property to it’s normal state.

#20: Georgia’s top public safety official, Col. Mark McDonough, was forced to resign by Gov. Brian Kemp after 30 state troopers were fired in a cheating scandal.

#21: What’s left of a mobile home after a fire that killed a 20-year-old woman in Lincoln County.

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