Georgia’s Infrastructure Gets C+ Grade

July 8, 2024
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Georgia's Infrastructure Gets C+ Grade
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The Georgia Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released its 2024 Report Card for Georgia’s Infrastructure, giving the state an overall grade of C+.

🏗️ Why It Matters: This grade indicates Georgia’s infrastructure is in above-average condition but still requires attention. It surpasses the national average of C-, highlighting the state’s commitment to prioritizing its built environment.

🔍 What’s Happening: The report evaluated 14 categories of infrastructure:

  • Twelve categories received grades higher than their national counterparts
  • Ports earned the highest grade (B+), while transit received the lowest (D)

📊 Between the Lines: Recent investments have yielded positive results:

  • Georgia now boasts the sixth-best road conditions in the country
  • 98% of bridges are in fair or good condition, up from 78% in 2013

🚰 Catch Up Quick: While progress is evident, challenges remain:

  • Water systems face increasing costs to keep up with population growth
  • The state’s drinking water investment needs have grown to $19.7 billion over the next 20 years

🔮 The Big Picture: As Georgia continues to attract people and businesses, infrastructure improvements are crucial for sustaining economic growth. However, funding pressures from vehicle efficiency, electrification, and project cost escalation threaten recent gains.

According to Julie Sechrist, P.E., Chair of the 2024 Report Card, “While there is a lot to be proud of, there is still room for progress, especially for water systems that serve Georgia’s growing population.”

The report recommends several actions to improve Georgia’s infrastructure:

  1. Set responsible, resilient utility rates and user fees
  2. Expand safety funding and oversight for dams and roads
  3. Invest in new electricity generation and a resilient grid
  4. Increase funding and coordination of intermodal freight projects

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