DeKalb Crews Onsite to Repair Broken Water Main on North Druid Hills Road

June 14, 2024
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DeKalb Crews Onsite to Repair Broken Water Main on North Druid Hills Road

🚨 The Gist: DeKalb County Watershed Management crews were on site to repair a broken water main near 2015 North Druid Hills Road and Buford Highway. Some residents experienced water service disruptions during the repairs.

πŸ’§ Why It Matters: This incident follows recent major water main breaks in the Atlanta metro area, raising further concerns about ongoing infrastructure challenges. Prompt repairs are essential to restore service and prevent further issues.

πŸ”§ What’s Happening:

  • The pipe was damaged by an independent contractor.
  • Some customers in the area may have low to no water pressure.

πŸ“ž Customer Support: Residents experiencing issues should contact DeKalb County Watershed Management at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 770-270-6243

πŸ“š Catch Up Quick:

  • Recent Major Breaks in Atlanta: On June 1, 2024, Atlanta experienced a significant break on 48-inch and 36-inch transmission lines, causing widespread water outages and a boil water advisory affecting residents and essential services across the city.
  • DeKalb County Incident: On June 16, 2023, a 30-inch water main break in DeKalb County caused severe disruptions, though temporary water access was restored during ongoing repairs.
  • Cobb County Advisory: In January 2024, a 36-inch water main break in Cobb County led to a boil water advisory affecting several cities, underscoring the regional impact of infrastructure issues.

🌍 The Big Picture: Efficient and timely repairs are crucial to maintaining water service and addressing infrastructure weaknesses. Ongoing attention to these issues will be vital for preventing future disruptions and ensuring reliable water supply for residents.

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