15 Plants That Can Help Repel Bees and Keep Them Out of Your Yard

July 25, 2023
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Just as the sunshine and warm weather are welcomed during the summer, bugs and bees are not entirely anticipated. While they are a necessary part of life (although an argument could be made for mosquitoes and whether or not they’re necessary), bugs are simply icky! Bees and wasps are not only annoying at times, but they can be scary and painful! 

There are certain sprays and insecticides that can be used to help mitigate their presence when they’re already in your yard, but did you know that there are actually some plants that repel bees or wasps? I’m not above admitting that I’d always associated flowers with pretty colors and smells, and bees. However, there are some plants with scents that bees do not like. Keep reading to discover plants that keep bees out of your yard!

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15 Plants That Repel Bees or Wasps

1. Lavender Plant, 4 Pack $21.74 on Amazon

OK, so, lavender can attract bees, but it definitely repels yellow jackets and wasps. Bees will likely leave you alone unless provoked, and are great for the environment. Lavender is a great choice if you don’t want the angry buzzing insects in your yard! Lavender Plant, 4 Pack $21.74 on Amazon

2. Marigold Plant, 4 Pack $19.02 on Amazon 

Marigolds are another plant that don’t necessarily deter honeybees, but they do repel wasps and other insects that are damaging to crops and gardens. Marigold Plant, 4 Pack $19.02 on Amazon 

3. Cucumber Plant, 3 Pack $30.99 on Amazon

The bitterness of the cucumber peel is what’s thought to keep bees and other insects away from this plant. It also works if you don’t want to plant cucumbers to grow, but instead spread cucumber peels throughout your yard. Cucumber Plant, 3 Pack $30.99 on Amazon

4. Geranium Plants, 5 Pack $21.95 on Amazon

Containing little to no pollen is one thing that helps geraniums repel bees. Another deterring aspect of these flowers is their smell which is strong and very off-putting to many insects. Geranium Plants, 5 Pack $21.95 on Amazon

5. Pennyroyal Plant, $4.45 on Amazon 

Mosquito plant, pudding grass and pennyrile are all names associated with the pennyroyal plant. The strong smell of mint that these plants put off is what keeps the bees away. Bees do not like mint at allPennyroyal Plant, $4.45 on Amazon

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6. Feverfew Seeds, $6.49 on Amazon

These small daisy look-alikes have a pleasant scent to humans, but are a strong deterrent to bees! This plant can also be used holistically to help ailments such as toothaches, headaches, arthritis and fevers.  Feverfew Seeds, $6.49 on Amazon

7. Honeysuckle Vine, $12.99 on Amazon

The trumpet shape of the honeysuckle is what deters bees from this plant. This shape makes capturing pollen difficult for bees, so they don’t even bother with them. Honeysuckle Vine, $12.99 on Amazon 

8. Eucalyptus Plant, 4 Pack $23.00 on Amazon 

Eucalyptus is fairly easy to grow and maintain. Since it also repels bees due to its powerful aroma, this plant is a win-win! Eucalyptus Plant, 4 Pack $23.00 on Amazon

9. Peppermint Plant, 2 Pack $19.97 on Amazon 

This one seems to be a bit controversial. Some say that the peppermint plant will deter bees, and others say that it could possibly attract them. However, most all say that peppermint oil is definitely a deterrent for bees. Peppermint Plant, 2 Pack $19.97 on Amazon 

10. Rosemary Plant, 4 Pack $22.22 on Amazon 

While bees like the flowers that grow on rosemary plants, they don’t like the scent of the plant itself. This is another scent that would be good to try in the oil form and see which works best! Rosemary Plant, 4 Pack $22.22 on Amazon

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11. Lemongrass Plant, $21.98 on Amazon 

Lemongrass is one of the top-rated plants for repelling bees! Its strong odor, which is pleasant to humans, is overpowering for bees and they’ll most likely stay away. Lemongrass Plant, $21.98 on Amazon 

12. Spearmint Plant, 4 Pack $23.98 on Amazon 

Much like peppermint, spearmint’s smell is just too strong for bees to enjoy. Some say to use spearmint oil on yourself as a perfume to deter them from mistaking you for a flower and landing on you.  Spearmint Plant, 4 Pack $23.98 on Amazon 

13. Wormwood Plant, $18.00 on Amazon 

This plant contains a toxic substance to bugs called absinthe, which has an acrid smell that alerts bees and wasps alike to the potential danger, helping to keep them far away! Wormwood Plant, $18.00 on Amazon 

14. Basil Plant, 2 Pack $18.95 on Amazon 

Another fragrance that bees do not love is that of the basil plant. Having this in your garden will not only keep the bees away, but will give you an aromatic ingredient to add to your soups and sauces! Basil Plant, 2 Pack $18.95 on Amazon

15. Citronella Plant, 4 Pack $28.99 on Amazon 

Citronella can deter yellow jackets and wasps, as well as bees. Most commonly thought to repel mosquitos, citronella is good for a wide variety of pest control. Citronella Plant, 4 Pack $28.99 on Amazon 

What Plant Do Bees Hate the Most? 

While up for debate on some, it’s stated that bees hate eucalyptus, lemongrass, pennyroyal, citronella, peppermint and basil the most—listed from most to least deterring. Another strong deterrent for bees, and many other insects, is wormwood—due to its harmful properties. Keep in mind that bees are attracted to most flowers/blooms on any plant, but knowing which scents or oils to focus on can help keep them out of your yard! 

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