Shocking Video Reveals Roswell Police Officers' Disturbing Comments About Children

Shocking Video Reveals Roswell Police Officers’ Disturbing Comments About Children


🚨 The Gist: Roswell police are responding to a controversial conversation between two of their officers that was captured on a dash camera in March 2024.

🤔 Why It Matters: The officers’ comments raise serious concerns about their professionalism and conduct, especially when working with young people in the community.

📝 What Was Said: In the recorded conversation, one officer expressed frustration about working with kids all day, saying, “Ima start blowing holes in kids.”

The other officer responded with: “and not in a expletive sexual way? “

The first officer then said, “Well, the one dude, like straight up… That’s the worst part… Yeah, I mean, if I’m blowing holes in people, I’m getting my expletive off. Yeah, dude.”

🔍 Department’s Response: The Roswell Police Department stated that they were made aware of the inappropriate comments and immediately launched an internal investigation.

One of the officers involved is currently on leave pending the investigation, while the other has since left the department.

🌟 The Big Picture: Incidents like this can erode public trust in law enforcement and raise questions about the conduct of those sworn to protect and serve the community, especially when interacting with vulnerable populations such as children.

💬 The Quote: Here is the statement from The City of Roswell.

“The City of Roswell has been made aware of dash camera audio shared online of two Roswell police officers making inappropriate and unprofessional comments during a March 2024 criminal investigation. Upon hearing of this audio, Police Chief James Conroy immediately ordered an internal investigation into the matter. One of the officers involved in the conversation is no longer with the Roswell Police Department and the other is on administrative leave, pending the results of the investigation. This type of behavior in not representative nor tolerated in the Roswell Police Department, and the City of Roswell expects its officers to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.”

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