Milton Leaders Want to Regulate Golf Carts and ‘flag Lots’ in the City

August 6, 2023
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Milton Leaders Want to Regulate Golf Carts and 'flag Lots' in the City

The Gist: Milton residents could soon see changes in how their city handles Personal Transportation Vehicles such as golf carts (PTVs), as well as how the city handles “flag lots.”

The City Council is considering a new registration system for PTVs and amendments to city code related to flag lots, both of which could have significant impacts on the community.

PTVs and You: PTVs, such as golf carts and other small motorized vehicles, have become increasingly popular in Milton. To enhance safety, the city is considering a registration system for PTVs. This would involve a simple form, a modest fee, and an official registration valid for up to five years. The move aims to make the roads safer for everyone, whether they’re behind the wheel of a PTV or a traditional vehicle.

Flag Lots Explained: Flag lots, properties with a thin strip of land connecting to the road and a larger piece of land at the other end, could also see new regulations. Proposed changes include prohibiting flag lots in major subdivisions, requiring flag lots to be a minimum of 1.5 acres in size, and limiting the stem of a flag lot to no more than 10% of the lot’s total size. These changes could affect property development and land use in the city.

Why It Matters: These proposed changes could directly impact Milton residents. The PTV registration system is designed to promote safety on public roads, while the flag lot amendments could influence how land in the city is developed and used

What’s Next? The City Council will discuss and vote on these items at their upcoming meeting on Monday, August 7, starting at 6 p.m. in City Hall’s Council Chambers at 2006 Heritage Walk. Residents can voice their opinions and ask questions during a public hearing on municipal property tax rates for the coming fiscal year. The public can attend in person or watch online at

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