Cherokee County SWAT Standoff Ends With Arrest: What We Know

November 15, 2023
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Cherokee County SWAT Standoff Ends With Arrest: What We Know

The Gist: A SWAT standoff in Ball Ground concluded with the arrest of James Haley, 31, who police say had barricaded himself in a home following a probation violation.

📍 Impact on Residents: The community of Ball Ground, experienced a tense situation as a SWAT standoff unfolded in their area, leading to road closures and increased law enforcement presence.

🔍 The Details: The incident began when deputies, investigating a theft, arrived at a home on Brent Drive. There, they arrested Brandon Burns, 23, for felony probation violation. At another home off Edwards Mill Road, Casey Turner, 34, was apprehended after attempting to flee. Inside the same home, deputies found Haley, who had multiple warrants for probation violations. Sheriff’s officials say Haley refused to exit, leading to the stando​​​​​ff.

⚠️ In Context: Haley was not only wanted for probation violations but also faced additional charges in Pickens and Gordon counties. During the standoff, a woman left the house, reporting that Haley had prevented her from leaving. The standoff concluded after a robot located Haley and a chemical irritant was used, resulting in his surrend​​er.

🔗 What’s Next?: Haley faces charges including false imprisonment and obstruction of an officer, in addition to his probation violations. Further legal proceedings are anticipated as the case develops.

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