Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Issues Safety Tips To Thwart Vehicle Break-ins During the Holidays

November 25, 2023
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In light of a recent surge in vehicle break-ins across the county, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has released a set of safety tips to help residents protect their valuables and deter potential thieves. The sheriff’s office emphasizes the importance of these measures, especially during the holiday season when such incidents tend to increase.

  1. Lock Your Car Doors: A simple yet crucial step, locking your car doors can significantly reduce the risk of theft. Most vehicle break-ins occur when thieves find unlocked doors, providing silent and easy access to valuables.
  2. Remove or Conceal Valuables: Items like electronics, wallets, and cash should not be left visible in a vehicle. If they must remain in the car, securing them in the glove box or trunk is advised.
  3. Choose Well-Lit Parking Spots: Whether parking at home or in public areas, well-lit locations can deter thieves, who prefer operating in darkness to avoid detection.
  4. Keep Windows Rolled Up: Even partially open windows can offer thieves easy access. Ensuring windows are fully closed can prevent opportunistic thefts.
  5. Record Serial Numbers: Keeping a record of serial numbers for electronics and car stereos can aid law enforcement in tracking stolen items, especially when pawned or resold.
  6. Consider Camera Systems: Advancements in affordable home technology now make it easier to install camera systems that can capture footage of thefts, aiding in the identification and apprehension of perpetrators.
  7. Foster Neighborhood Watchfulness: Knowing and collaborating with neighbors can create an effective community watch system, potentially providing crucial evidence through personal surveillance systems.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office underscores the importance of these precautions and encourages residents to stay vigilant during the holiday season. By taking these steps, individuals can significantly reduce their risk of becoming victims of vehicle break-ins.


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