Busted in No Time: How Brookhaven Police Used Technology to Snuff Out an Arson Attempt at Target

May 18, 2023
1 min read

BROOKHAVEN — A suspected arsonist was nabbed in the act, minutes after setting a dressing room on fire in a Target store, thanks to an innovative technology system, Live911, Brookhaven Police reported. The incident occurred at the Target outlet at 2400 North Druid Hills Road in Brookhaven.

In a break from traditional dispatch procedures, Brookhaven officers were already en route to the scene as the emergency call was being placed.

A quick response was made possible through the use of Live911, which notifies officers directly of incoming emergency calls. Officers reached the scene within three minutes of the call, even before official dispatch.

They were immediately pointed to the alleged culprit who was taken into custody without a hitch.

According to Brookhaven Police Chief Brandon Gurley, the use of Live911 has substantially improved response times for critical incidents. He highlighted this incident as a clear demonstration of the technology’s value.

“This incident is a perfect example of how the use of Live911 technology aids the department’s commitment to providing effective police services,” Gurley said.

This event underscores the increasing use of technology in law enforcement efforts.

The police have not released any further details about the suspect or potential charges. They have, however, reassured residents that the situation was quickly controlled, and no injuries were reported.

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