David Hankerson, Longtime Cobb County Manager, Dies at 77

David Hankerson, Longtime Cobb County Manager, Dies at 77

January 26, 2024
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David Hankerson, who served as Cobb County’s Manager for over two decades, died Thursday after a long illness. He was 77. His tenure, beginning in 1984 and culminating in his appointment as County Manager in 1993, was marked by substantial changes in the county’s landscape, transitioning it from a largely suburban-rural area to a bustling metropolitan county.

Known for his early mornings and late nights at the office, Hankerson’s dedication to his role was apparent. He once told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I never hated to come to work for Cobb; I couldn’t wait. I was always here early, always here late.” This work ethic earned him respect from colleagues and subordinates alike.

His influence reached beyond administrative duties. Dr. Jackie McMorris, the current County Manager, attributes her position to Hankerson’s mentorship, due to his emphasis on integrity and hard work. Chairwoman Lisa Cupid and Commissioner JoAnn K. Birrell also acknowledged his guidance in their careers, pointing to his role in shaping county leadership.

Hankerson’s journey was diverse, encompassing military service in the U.S. Army and academic pursuits in agronomy and law. His return to Georgia led him to a career in public service, initially as a District Conservationist for the United States Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service, and later in other roles within Cobb County Government.

Under his leadership, Cobb County achieved and maintained a triple AAA rating for 25 years, a goal Hankerson set early in his tenure. He viewed this rating as reflective not only of the county’s financial health but also its leadership and community relationships.

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