Atlanta Ranked One of the Most Sinful Cities in the U.S. Here's Why

Atlanta Ranked One of the Most Sinful Cities in the U.S. Here’s Why


👹The Gist: A recent report by WalletHub ranked U.S. cities based on sinful behaviors, with Las Vegas identified as the most sinful, followed by Houston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. The study evaluated cities based on seven behaviors: anger/hatred, jealousy, excesses/vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.

📍 The Details:

  • Study Methodology: WalletHub compared over 180 U.S. cities, using specific metrics to assess seven sinful behaviors.
  • Key Findings: Las Vegas leads, with Houston notable for adult entertainment venues indicating lust, and Philadelphia marked by high interest in plastic surgery, suggesting vanity.
  • Least Sinful Cities: Contrasting the top five, cities like Port St. Lucie, FL, and Madison, WI, were among the least sinful.

🏙️ Why Did Atlanta Make The List?: Atlanta was ranked as the fifth most sinful city in America in WalletHub’s 2023 report, mainly due to high scores in specific sinful behaviors. The city’s placement was determined based on a combination of various factors, as detailed in the report and related analyses:

  1. Jealousy: Atlanta was ranked number one in the jealousy dimension, which was measured using metrics like thefts per 1,000 residents, identity theft complaints per capita, and fraud and other complaints per capita​​.
  2. Lust: The city also had a significant presence of adult entertainment establishments, tying with Las Vegas, Portland, and Tampa for having the most per capita. This contributed to Atlanta being ranked fourth in the lust category​​.
  3. Vanity and Laziness: Atlanta was ranked ninth in vanity and 51st in laziness, further contributing to its overall sinful score​​.
  4. Overall Scores in Sinful Behaviors: Atlanta’s overall score in the study was 53.39, with its rankings in the seven deadly sins categories being: 50th in anger and hatred, 2nd in jealousy, 84th in excesses and vices, 176th in greed, 1st in lust, 9th in vanity, and 53rd in laziness​​.

💡 By The Numbers:

  • Top Sinful Cities:
    1. Las Vegas, NV
    2. Houston, TX
    3. Philadelphia, PA
    4. Los Angeles, CA
    5. Atlanta, GA
  • Least Sinful Cities: 178. Port St. Lucie, FL
    1. Madison, WI
    2. Bridgeport, CT

🛒 Shopping and Spending:

  • Holiday Temptations: The report suggests heightened temptations during holidays, impacting financial vigilance.
  • Spending Tips: Recommendations include minimizing sinful spending, shopping smartly, limiting credit card use, and negotiating bills.

For more detailed insights and specific city rankings, the full report is available at WalletHub’s website.

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