Two Georgia Restaurants Named America's Best Restaurants for 2023

Two Georgia Restaurants Named America’s Best Restaurants for 2023


In a recent accolade that has the culinary community buzzing, the New York Times released its list of America’s Best Restaurants. Among a diverse range of eateries spanning from Alaska to South Florida, two restaurants based in Georgia managed to catch the paper’s attention.

Bomb Biscuits: Homage to Southern Heritage

Located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, Bomb Biscuits is a standout gem. The little brick storefront is a labor of love by Erika Council, a former software engineer, who took a different route to pay tribute to her family’s cooking lineage.

The dish you’ll want to try here is the Glori-Fried Chicken Biscuit. A thigh marinated in spiced buttermilk is fried to perfection before getting a dip in hot honey sauce or, if you’re in the mood for a taste of the town, the lemon-pepper version.

Brochu’s Family Tradition: A Northern Chef in a Southern Kitchen

The culinary landscape of Savannah received an interesting addition when Andrew Brochu and his wife, Sophie, decided to set up shop in the city’s Starland neighborhood.

Brochu isn’t new to the game; he was previously associated with Chicago’s Alinea Group. His restaurant, Brochu’s Family Tradition, is a boisterous affair that doesn’t shy away from bold flavors. The highlight? Fried chicken thighs that have been brined in chamomile tea. They’re part of a Sunday supper platter that also features biscuits, chicken salad, sunchoke hot sauce, and a ramekin of gravy for dipping.

It’s worth noting that both restaurants offer something unique, not just in terms of the food but also the cultural undercurrents that define them. Bomb Biscuits digs deep into Southern heritage, and Brochu’s Family Tradition blends Northern expertise with Southern hospitality.

With accolades from one of the nation’s most esteemed publications, these two Georgia restaurants have not just put themselves on the map, but also underscored the richness and diversity of Georgia’s culinary scene. If the Times’ recognition is any indication, both establishments have set a high bar for what dining in the Peach State can offer.

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