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New survey ranks Falcons fans among the most annoying


The Gist: Love them or hate them, Falcons fans are making their presence felt in the NFL. A new survey by Solitaire Bliss ranks them as the second most annoying fan base at games, but they’re not as competitive when it comes to fantasy football.

What Happened:
Solitaire Bliss surveyed 1,600 fans from each NFL team to find out who’s the most bothersome bunch in the stands and on the virtual field. Turns out, Falcons fans are right up there.

By The Numbers:

  • Falcons fans rank #2 in annoyance at games.
  • When it comes to fantasy football, they slide down to #11.
  • About 1 in 6 people find their antics, like starting the wave, annoying.
  • They’re the 8th least likely to win at fantasy football.

Main Bad Behaviors: According to the survey, Falcons fans are annoying for attempting to start the wave and for wearing jerseys of teams who are not even playing.

Why It Matters: What fans do in the stadium can have a ripple effect on the game itself and the overall atmosphere. Their fantasy football struggles might just be an extension of their real-world football woes.

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