23-year-old dies after slipping off dock at Lake Lanier

23-year-old dies after slipping off dock at Lake Lanier


The Gist: Another tragic incident strikes Lake Lanier as a young man drowns, marking the lake’s eighth drowning of the year.

What Happened?: Late Saturday night, Gavrie Alexander Whitlock, a 23-year-old resident of Snellville, lost his life after a fatal slip into Lake Lanier. Officials say he was running down the dock at Holiday Marina when he stumbled and fell into the water, never resurfacing.

Why It Matters: The lake has been a consistent hotspot for accidents and drowning incidents. Whitlock’s death makes him the eighth person to drown in Lake Lanier this year.

The Details: The incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. when wardens from the Department of Natural Resources were called to Holiday Marina. They later retrieved Whitlock’s body, which was submerged in about 17 feet of water, with assistance from Hall County Fire Rescue.

Whitlock’s identity was confirmed Monday morning.

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