Gas prices inch down in Georgia but weather could send prices back up

August 21, 2023
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The Gist: While Georgia drivers catch a break with gas prices, the national trend goes in the opposite direction.

What Happened?: Georgia’s price at the pump for regular unleaded gasoline has experienced a small drop, now averaging $3.61 per gallon. This local dip comes even as national gas prices have seen an uptick.

By The Numbers:

  • Georgia’s current average: $3.61/gallon.
  • Decrease from last week: 2 cents.
  • Increase from last month: 28 cents.
  • Increase from last year: 17 cents.
  • Cost to fill a 15-gallon tank: Almost $55.00.
  • Additional cost for a fill-up compared to last year: Nearly $3.00.
  • National average: $3.86/gallon, marking a 2 cent increase from the previous week.

Why It Matters: The contrasting trends between Georgia and the national scene are intriguing. The coming weeks are especially crucial as both natural elements and market dynamics play pivotal roles in determining the direction of gas prices. Montrae Waiters, spokeswoman for AAA hinted at an oscillating trend in pump prices until mid-September for Georgians.

Weather May Decide Direction of Gas Prices: The southeast feels the heat, and with the thick of hurricane season upon us, oil prices may become volatile. The predicted expanding heat dome over Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas could lead to refineries adjusting their production, impacting oil prices. Even with a decline in gas demand, the inconsistency in oil prices maintains the elevated pump prices.

Regional Prices:

  • Steepest in Georgia: Savannah ($3.69), Atlanta ($3.63), and Brunswick ($3.62).
  • Most economical in Georgia: Dalton ($3.56), Albany ($3.54), and Rome ($3.52).

What’s Next?: Georgia’s drivers should stay alert. Between the unpredictability of the weather and global oil market conditions, changes at the gas pump are inevitable in the near future.

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