45-year-old man drowns in Lake Allatoona

45-year-old man drowns in Lake Allatoona


The Gist: In a tragic incident at Victoria Harbor in Lake Allatoona, a man lost his life over the weekend.

Witnesses report that Dehaven Prillerman, 45, fell from the back of a pontoon boat and never resurfaced. According to reports, there were eight other people on the boat at the time and nobody actually saw Prillerman enter the water.

What Happened?: According to witnesses, Prillerman dropped his sunglasses into the water and was possibly trying to retrieve them when he fell from the stationary boat at the courtesy dock. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources was notified of a possible drowning at about 5:19 p.m. on Saturday

Game Wardens, who arrived at the scene around 5:37 p.m., in collaboration with the Cherokee County Fire Department, deployed divers to search for Prillerman. His body was later recovered from under a dock.

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