Class of 2023: 23 Life Hacks for Post-Grad Vibes

May 10, 2023
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Class of 2023: 23 Life Hacks for Post-Grad Vibes

Congrats, Class of 2023! You’ve persevered through a global pandemic, political upheaval, and economic inflation. As you embark on adulthood or college, here are 23 nuggets of wisdom to guide you.

Seek Wisdom: Identify a few elders you admire. Observe their conflict resolution, interactions, and resilience. Consult their wisdom when in doubt.

Slow Down: Adulthood doesn’t mandate a hectic lifestyle. Embrace the tranquility of slowing down.

Verify Information: Not all information is accurate or wise. Cross-check what you consume.

Avoid Extremes: The Loudest voices are often extreme. Truth and consensus usually reside in the middle.

Laugh: Humor heals pain, neutralizes hostility, and brightens dark days. Laugh now instead of “someday.”

Pick Your Battles: Save your indignation for truly significant issues. Not every hill is worth dying on.

Respect Everyone: Treat everyone with dignity, even those you don’t understand or agree with.

Question Authority: It’s crucial and acceptable to challenge authority. Ask “why” and “is there a better way?”

Keep Learning: Your graduation doesn’t mark the end of learning. Stay open to new knowledge.

Be Confident: Confidence can make you, shape your relationships, and define your destiny.

But, Stay Grounded: Overconfidence can lead to missteps. Confidence should be rooted in capability.

Embrace Mistakes: They are your best teachers. Fear of failure inhibits growth.

Be Independent: Don’t let others’ opinions define you or your self-worth.

Don’t Label Others: People don’t fit into neat boxes. Extend grace, avoid judgment, and respect differences.

Apologize: Own your mistakes and express remorse.

Show Compassion: Strive to be a helper. Caring for others completes the happiness puzzle.

Express Your Feelings: Life’s too short and too long to withhold emotions. Speak your heart out. Let people you love know you love them. Let your friends know how important they are to you.

Stay Focused: Keep sight of why you do whatever it is you do. Wealth for the sake of wealth will make you greedy and love for the sake of love will make you lonely.

Admit Your Ignorance: Saying “I don’t know” or “I need help” reflects wisdom, maturity, and honesty.

Accept Transient Friendships: Friends may come and go like ocean waves. Enjoy each friend while they are in your life.

Pursue Your Passion: Have an idea or dream? Pursue it. If you’re entrepreneurial, invest your time in your dream.

Prioritize Life Over Work: Your job is a means to enjoy what you value, not what you should value most.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously: People seldom remember your triumphs or failures. Laugh at yourself, and move on. “You do you.”

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