Georgia elections chief calls on Kevin McCarthy to make sweeping election reforms

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The Gist: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has written a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, urging Congress to update federal election laws.

The Letter: In his letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger expressed his concern about the state of federal election laws in the United States. He urged Congress to modernize and update existing laws to improve election security and enhance public confidence in the electoral process and election outcomes.

The Changes: Raffensperger’s proposed solutions to update the National Voter Regeitration Act include modernizing the law to allow less time for voters who have moved to be purged from voter rolls. He also recommended implementing a nationwide photo ID requirement for all federal elections, banning ballot harvesting in federal elections, and performing risk-limiting audits in each state following a federal election.

Finally, Raffensperger suggested amending the US Constitution to state that only American citizens can vote in any American election.

Why It Matters: Raffensperger’s letter comes amid ongoing debates about election laws and security in the United States.

More Information: Raffensperger’s proposals to update the NVRA are based on his experience as Georgia Secretary of State, where he oversaw the state’s 2020 election. Georgia’s Election Integrity Act, which Raffensperger mentions in his letter, was passed in March 2021 and has been the subject of controversy and legal challenges. The act includes provisions that require photo identification for absentee voting and limit the use of ballot drop boxes.

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