12 Secret Amazon Prime Perks for Members (BRB, We’re Grabbing Our Free Movie Tickets!)

Don't miss out on these surprising perks for being a Prime member.

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These days, the cost of an Amazon Prime membership seems to pay for itself with all of the free shipping, especially with frequent purchases. However, if that is all that you are using your Prime Membership for, you are definitely missing out—there are plenty of secret Amazon Prime perks to take advantage of!

You may not have ever read about or heard of all the other amazing perks that you get with a membership. If you make use of all of them, the cost of the membership could net out to be below zero. In other words, you may actually make money from utilizing all of the secret Amazon Prime perks available to you. 

Do you currently have a movie streaming service that you pay for? Or, how about music? Amazon offers streaming services to Prime members for free. And if that isn’t enough, there are many other perks related to reading, gaming or shopping deals.

Here are 12 amazing Amazon Prime perks that you need to be aware of.

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12 Secret Amazon Prime Perks

1. Prime Premiere

Once a month, Prime members get free theater tickets to exclusive advance screenings of Amazon original movies and series. This includes a ticket for yourself and one guest plus free concessions.

2. Amazon First Reads

This program offers members early access to new books across popular genres before they publish. Prime Members can choose one or more free books, depending on the month’s offerings, to read as well as a selection of short reads that are Amazon Originals. You can use the Kindle app to read the books.

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3. Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming is a monthly channel subscription for your favorite Twitch streamer where you can interact with other video game players. It also includes free games from Amazon and free in-game content for Prime members. You’ll have the ability to level up your game with exclusive characters, skins, armor, boosts, upgrades and more.

4. Amazon Photos

If you are running out of storage for your photos or videos either on your mobile devices or computer, you can store them with Amazon Photos. It is a secure online storage service and Prime members get unlimited photo storage as well as 5G of video storage. 

Another benefit is the ability to share the storage with family—with Family Vault, Amazon Prime members can invite up to five members to receive unlimited photo storage, and collect photos together.

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5. Baby Registry Welcome Box

If you are a Prime Member and have a baby registry with Amazon, you can get a welcome box gift with full, travel, and sample-size surprises for parents and baby. You just have to also complete 60% of your registry checklist and have over $10 of purchases from the registry (which could be made by yourself or your guests).

6. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is an online and physical grocery store that offers low prices on favorite products. You’ll also get same-day delivery and pickup in select locations if you are a Prime Member. You can shop for groceries at your convenience with the Amazon app (this perk is only available to members in select locations).

7. Jet Blue Affiliation

If you are a passenger with Jet Blue, you can earn three TrueBlue points for Amazon purchases made in-flight.

8. No-Rush Shipping Rewards

If you don’t need the quick shipping time available with Prime, you can opt for no-rush shipping and be rewarded in other ways. The rewards vary but can include credits on Amazon digital services, coupons on snacks, or money off large purchases!

9. Try It Before You Buy It

For items like clothing and shoes, it can be hard to know if you are going to like the fit and feel of the items. Prime Members get to have items shipped to them before buying to try on. Then, you have the ability to return items that you don’t want within a window of time or purchase what you want to keep.

10. Prime Reading

Never run out of anything to read with this perk. Prime Reading offers a rotating selection of thousands of books, magazines, comics, short reads, audiobooks and other material at no additional cost to a Prime membership. And, if you prefer to be read to, each book comes with an audible version as well. 

You don’t need any special device, like a Kindle, to read the books on either. All you have to do is download the Kindle app and you’ll have the ability to read any of the offerings from any of your mobile devices.

11. Amazon Credit Cards

As a Prime Member, you can apply for an Amazon Rewards Visa Card which has no annual fee. Once approved, you will also get 5% back on Amazon purchases as well as 5% back from purchases from Whole Foods Market. Eligible card members get 10% back or more on a rotating selection of Amazon products.

12. Amazon Household

Using Amazon Household, you can share your Prime membership with one other adult, up to four teens and up to four children. Each person will have their own account but you only pay for one membership. Adults can manage the account profiles of teens and children and children will not be able to shop.

Additional Prime Perks 

And don’t forget other popular Prime perks like streaming free videos (there is a wide assortment of movies, TV shows and documentaries that you can choose from), Amazon Music (access to 100 million songs ad-free), and Amazon Prime Days for some of the best shopping deals!


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