Meet Ayden Lampe, the Calhoun City Schools Spelling Bee Champ

January 19, 2023
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Meet Ayden Lampe, the Calhoun City Schools Spelling Bee Champ

Calhoun Elementary student, Ayden Lampe, was named the 2023 Calhoun City Schools District Spelling Bee Champion on Thursday, January 19.

Calhoun City Schools celebrated the spelling skills of a select number of students by hosting their annual district spelling bee at the Board of Education Central Office. The competition consisted of the top five Calhoun Elementary and Middle School students competing for a chance to move on to the regional level and potentially win a state championship title.

On Thursday, Calhoun Middle School’s Whit Queen was the runner-upcompetitor, with Gabrielle Burdge placing third.

After fourteen rounds, Ayden Lampe claimed the title after successfully spelling the winning word “pneumonia”.

The final round spelling bee participants were Karter Ware, Ayden Lampe, Whit Queen, Gabrielle Burdge, and Luke Ramirez.

All participants were selected based on a primary round, which included more than 1500 students from Calhoun Elementary and Middle School.

Ayden will represent Calhoun City Schools at the next level in February.

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