Tornado damage claims life of 5-year-old in Georgia

January 13, 2023
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Tornado damage claims life of 5-year-old in Georgia

State officials confirmed today that a 5-year-old was killed as a result of severe storms and tornadoes that ravaged the state Thursday night.

The child was in a car in Butts County and was killed by a falling tree. An adult was in the car as well and was taken to the hospital and was critically injured.

A state employee also died due to falling debris from the storm. The employee was responding to storm damage. State officials are not releasing any further information on the state employee as the next of kin has not been notified.

State officials say they believe at least four tornadoes touched down across the state, with the worst being in Spalding County.

Tornadoes ripped off roofs, destroyed entire homes, and blew a rail car off of the tracks.

There have been widespread injuries throughout the state and rescue crews are still digging injured residents out of debris.

In Troup County, there was a subdivision where 50 homes were displaced. Officials estimate the tornado in Spalding County was on the ground for a lengthy amount of time and was about five miles wide.

Officials are warning residents of Spalding County not to go out today as there is still potential for falling debris, downed wires, and other hazards.

Statewide, residents are urged to be careful. State officials are reminding residents that if the storm loosened a tree or tree limb, it will fall when the wind blows it.

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