Still making New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s an idea for an easy and painless one

January 1, 2023
2 mins read
Still making New Year's Resolutions? Here's an idea for an easy and painless one

As we kick off another year it is time to make New Year’s resolutions and set goals for ourselves and our families.

Each year, Georgians make a flurry of diet, career-oriented, health, and mental health related resolutions. But most people don’t take time at the first of the year to think about their media-diet and what information they take in from news sources.

We would like to shamelessly ask our fellow Georgians to be more intentional about staying informed, particularly on statewide and local issues this year. We live in politically charged times, and while national politics and issues tend to have everyone’s attention, the actions of your local officials and politicians actually have more impact on your day to day life than the occupant of the Oval Office.

Are you concerned about democracy and what elected officials are doing in Washington? It starts at home with your local city council elections and statewide offices. Yes, Congress is important, but many of your representatives in Congress got their start as state representatives, mayors, and city council members. By staying informed at the local level, you have the power to determine who’s political career shines and who’s doesn’t get off the ground.

Are you concerned about government spending? Yes, Congress spends billions of dollars, but curbing government spending starts with how your city and county spend your property tax dollars. Your concern on these issues echoes through larger bodies of government.

We want you to be informed about what is happening in your community, state and region whether it is a big issue like inflation or a smaller local issue like reducing traffic congestion on your way to work.

You can do this easily on this site by signing up for one of our free email newsletter. You can choose to receive a daily newsletter or a weekly newsletter with top headlines throughout the state, or you can choose to receive newsletters with news from your local area. We also offer topical newsletters on issues like crime, politics and education.

If you have come to this site using Twitter, Facebook or a news app, consider signing up for the newsletter that most interests you. By trusting an app or social media site for your news, you are putting your information in the hands of a non-local algorithm that may not show you all the stories that are important to you. By signing up for a newsletter on this site — or any other local news website — you will be sure to get news that matters to you without missing important stories.

It is easy, especially after an election season to avoid news. We’ve all done it. You’d be surprised to know that even those who report the news sometimes choose not to consume it. But, there are a multitude of reasons to pay more attention to your local news sources.

At The Georgia Sun, our news is always free and isn’t behind a paywall.

In short, don’t rely on social media posts to keep you informed. Instead, get your news directly from the sources that cover it. Resolve to be more active and engaged with news in your state and community this year. You can sign up for some of those newsletters below.

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