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Metro Atlanta is the top real estate market in the nation for investors


The American housing market took off during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic and home values have been climbing rapidly since. Home sale data compiled by real estate data company Zillow shows that the typical value of a mid-priced home soared by over 20% in the last year, from $284,000 in April 2021 to over $344,000 in April 2022.

Much of the surge in home sales, however, was not driven by families or first-time homebuyers, but rather by investors.

According to realty company Redfin, investors accounted for 18.4% of all U.S. home sales in the fourth quarter of 2021 – or more than one in every six home sales. Real estate investors can be large corporations, like Blackstone, or local companies and wealthy individuals. No matter who the investor is, their goal is the same – to profit from the real estate market, either through flipping homes or converting them into rentals.

Some major metropolitan areas are drawing even more investors than the national average. In the Atlanta metro area, investors accounted for an estimated 32.7% of home sales in the fourth quarter of 2021 – equal to nearly one in every three home sales. The value of all homes in the metro area bought by investors in the final three months of 2021 totals $2,857,309,655.

Likely due in part to the impact investors are having on demand, home values are relatively high in Atlanta. As of April 2022, the median home price in the metro area was $430,000.

RankMetro areaInvestor market share, Q4 2021 (%)Median home price, Apr. 2022 ($)Total value of investment home sales, Q4 2021 ($M)
1Atlanta, GA32.7$430,0002,857.3
2Charlotte, NC32.1$400,0001,255.1
3Jacksonville, FL29.8$300,000712.2
4Las Vegas, NV29.2$435,0001,738.0
5Phoenix, AZ28.4$460,0003,795.0
6Miami, FL27.5$525,0002,158.0
7Orlando, FL25.9$363,0001,138.4
8Tampa, FL24.2$390,0001,598.5
9Nashville, TN21.4$465,000800.3
10Fort Lauderdale, FL21.0$465,0001,143.8
11San Diego, CA20.3$925,0002,352.5
12Anaheim, CA19.8$875,0002,683.4
13Detroit, MI19.4$81,700119.1
14Sacramento, CA19.1$518,0001,181.0
15Los Angeles, CA18.8$1,025,0006,747.4

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