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Which county has the best tasting water in Georgia?


You may not think much about how the water that comes out of your faucet tastes compares to the water in other counties. However, there Georgia Association of Water Professionals does think about this and conducts a blind taste test to see who has the best drinking water.

This year, the Georgia Association of Water Professionals named Gwinnett County’s drinking water the Best Tasting Water in Georgia. 

Winning this award qualifies Gwinnett to compete in the national American Water Works Association competition against utilities across the country.

 “We take pride in delivering high quality, great tasting water to the people and businesses of Gwinnett,” said Department of Water Resources Director Tyler Richards. “I believe we owe this award to the hard work, passion, ingenuity and dedication of our employees. They work around the clock to ensure our water meets the Gwinnett Standard.”

The county gets its drinking water from Lake Lanier. From there, it’s treated at two water production plants, Shoal Creek Filter Plant and Lanier Filter Plant. These two plants use advanced technology to provide more than 70 million gallons of drinking water to Gwinnett’s nearly one million residents. The water is continuously tested for quality and taste.

Adam Sandler’s Bobby Boucher would be proud.

To find out more about Gwinnett’s drinking water, visit GwinnettWaterWords.com.

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