Here’s what Fulton County schools are doing to keep students safe

February 20, 2022
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Here's what Fulton County schools are doing to keep students safe

The Fulton County school district, like many across the country, has been challenged by an increased number of school fights and weapons on school campuses.

Fulton County school officials say they are maintaining their commitment to building safe and supportive learning environments for our students and staff. The district is working to develop strict policies on school safety to promote increased learning, feelings of school unity, higher levels of pro-social behavior and decreased levels of violence.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney recently presented to the school board a comprehensive list of some of the many prevention mechanisms that have already been put in place to ensure school safety. Some of these include adding more Campus Security Associates, upgrading video surveillance equipment, and expanding access to the district’s anonymous tip line.

Group fighting is now a Tier IV Offense in the districts student code of conduct, which leads to a tribunal hearing for alternative placement, and the district will continue to press charges and seek convictions against students who bring weapons to school.

Additionally, the district is partnering with external agencies to provide mental health services and will continue to deploy ten Social Emotional Social Workers to schools where students are struggling with crisis.

Looney also informed the school board that he met with the district attorney’s office twice within the last month to improve collaboration as well as with the chairman of the Fulton County Commission to solicit support.

The superintendent also outlined several prevention mechanisms the district is currently exploring, like strengthening mentoring programs, establishing a multiagency truancy/crime prevention coalition, and developing a therapeutic plan for elementary school students exhibiting violent behaviors.

The district also plans to allot additional social workers in high schools and scale up school culture and climate support.

Other plans include participating in gang violence training and contracting with external experts to facilitate security improvements on campus.

To see the comprehensive list of preventions in place and those being considered, click here.

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