Fulton schools will use emergency funding to add more security

February 9, 2022
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Fulton schools will use emergency funding to add more security
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In response to ongoing discipline issues in Fulton County schools, Fulton school superintendent Mike Looney is using his emergency purchasing power to add additional campus security associates.

Looney told the Fulton County Board of Education Tuesday that he would be adding 10 additional security associates in schools that have had three or more group fights.

The additional security is intended to provide added levels of oversight and the ability to take preventative measures, which allows staff to de-escalate incidents before they become a critical event.

Looney also said he has started engaging local law enforcement agencies and the new Fulton County District Attorney to determine how the district can collaborate with officials, like the juvenile courts, to curb the discipline problem.

He expressed the important role parents play in their child’s safety and is asking for their engagement and support to keep everyone safe.

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