1,795 guns have been stolen from cars in Atlanta this year

ATLANTA — So far this year, 1,795 guns have been stolen from cars in the city of Atlanta.

The staggering number of gun thefts was released by the Atlanta Police Department Saturday in a social media post begging residents stop leaving guns in cars.

Atlanta, help us to help you! Since January 1, 2021, there have been 1,795 guns stolen from cars in this city. The guns left unsecured in vehicles that are now in the hands of criminals, according to police.

“Stolen guns end up in the hands of people who mean this city no good. This is a statistic that does not have to be. If you exit your car, we ask that you not leave your gun in your car. If you must leave your weapon, we ask that you secure it and make it harder for criminals to take,” the department said in its Facebook post. “We need our community to do better and help us reduce this statistic.”