Georgia sheriff’s office warns of police impersonator

The Dooly County Sheriff’s Office says sheriff’s officials have been made aware of an incident that occurred Oct. 23 where someone may have impersonated a police officer.

According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect used a flashing red light to stop a vehicle.

If you have any questions or encounters with an incident like this, please call the Dooly County Sheriff’s Office at 229-645-0920. 

The Dooly County Sheriff’s Office offers the following tips to keep you safe when you are being pulled over.

If you are suspicious of the car that is trying to pull you over call 911 or the Sheriff’s Office and ask the dispatcher if it is really law enforcement making the traffic stop.

Put your car’s hazard lights on to let other drivers know that you are stopping.

Pull over in a well-lit area.

Ask the 911 dispatcher to stay on the phone during the initial interaction with the person who is conducting the traffic stop.