The Vegan Queen to visit Atlanta for Ben & Jerry’s event

ATLANTADominique Side, called The Vegan Queen and Vgn Bae, is a world leading specialist in compassion based business. 

From building a boutique vegan grocery store and clothing company to operating a vegan studio, media complex, and production facility, Dominique is an ethical living entrepreneur and has built a 7-figure business empire.

Now, she’s ready to give the stamp of approval to Ben & Jerry’s new line of Vegan Ice Cream.  

Dominique will be appearing as a celebrity guest at the Atlanta Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Taste Test Event on August 12th and bringing her passion for ethical living and everything vegan. 

Her latest company is a compassion based lifestyle consultancy, The Luxury Vegan. Dominique guides CEOs, executives, and high performing professionals transitioning to veganism without compromising on their exquisite tastes and luxury lifestyle.

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