Resolve to be more informed in 2021

January 24, 2021
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Resolve to be more informed in 2021
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As we kick off another year it is time to make New Year’s resolutions and set goals for ourselves and our families.

Among the flurry of weight loss, exercise an career-oriented resolutions, it is also common for people to come back from their holiday break and engage more with local, regional and national news.

While most people don’t make this a formal resolution, we would like to shamelessly ask our fellow Georgians to be more intentional about staying informed, particularly on statewide and local issues this year. We live in politically polarized times, and while national politics often have everyone’s attention, the actions of your local officials and politicians actually have more impact on your day to day life than the occupant of the Oval Office.

We want you to be informed about what is happening in your community, state and region whether it is a big issue like the state response to the coronavirus pandemic or a smaller local issue like reducing traffic congestion on your route to work.

You can do this easily on this website by signing up for our free email newsletter. Each day, or week, depending on what you sign up for, you’ll get a digest of local news and events delivered straight to your inbox.

If you have come to this site using Twitter, Facebook or a news aggregation app, consider signing up for the newsletter. Facebook is notorious for only showing news to a fraction of a news page’s followers, Twitter is great for catching up with local happenings, provided you’re on Twitter around the time they are posted, and news apps use their own algorithms to determine what news you see.

The best way to find out about news from sources that interest you is to let those sources email you directly, without a middleman.

It is easy, especially after an election season to avoid news. We’ve all done it. You’d be surprised to know that even those who report the news sometimes choose not to consume it. But, there are a multitude of reasons to pay more attention to your local news sources.

Let’s take a look at a few issues this year that will be important in Georgia.

The state legislature is currently in session and likely will be until sometime in April. While “state legislature” and “session” may sound boring, this is the time of year when your laws are made. Legislators — or lawmakers as we like to call them — are your elected representatives who make those laws.

This year, your lawmakers will be debating hot-button issues like absentee voting laws and sports betting. You’ll want to pay attention to make sure their views represent you.

In other statewide news, you’ll want to track how Georgia is handling coronavirus and how the vaccine rollout is going. COVID-19 is likely to dominate headlines again through the summer, if not all year.

In addition to that, we will help you stay on top of traffic, weather, crime, education and safety issues that impact your family.

In short, don’t rely on social media posts to keep you informed. Instead, get your news directly from the sources that cover it. Here’s that link for our newsletter again if you’re interested.

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